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Mold in Broward County

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Mold thrives in places that have an abundance of moisture, organic material and oxygen. Mold can and will damage your property if it is left alone to grow and prosper.

Hidden Mold

Mold loves to play hide and seek, as it does well in dark, out of the way places. This is why you may not notice mold growth in your home right away. Mold can hide under floorboards, in cabinets and within walls. The mold removal experts in Broward County can perform and inspection and find any hidden mold.

Reduced Air Quality

Mold is a fungus that reproduces by creating mold spores. These spores are almost always present in the air and can cause respiratory issues for many people, especially in the elderly and the youth.

Mold can easily spread through the air if not handled correctly. If you attempt to remove the mold on your own without proper training you may cause the mold to spread. It is highly recommend that a professional perform the mold removal to reduce the potential spread of contamination.


Mold remediation or removal should always be done by a professional, as it can be hazardous to your health and it can be difficult to remove. Mold comes in different forms and each form needs to be treated differently. The professionals at Duraclean in Palm Beach County have the knowledge, experience and equipment necessary to safely remove mold from your property.

If your home has mold call the professionals at Duraclean in Broward County! Our experts know how to perform old removal in Broward County safely and efficiently .

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